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Be the first to install and service our award-winning Wheel that is making cycling smarter and easier. If you are selected as part of our Preferred Service Partner Program, you’ll get access to customers, exclusive training and tools, and online listings to help your business grow.

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Are you an OEM, Fleet Operator, or interested in distributing the Wheel?
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We are looking to work with great bike shops everywhere we have customers

Thousands of people from over 60 countries have already ordered the Copenhagen Wheel. We want to give our customers the same excellent experience they get on the Wheel, by building an infrastructure to provide top-notch installation and bicycle service. As part of this, we are selecting Preferred Service Partners that understand our brand and will represent Superpedestrian in a positive and professional manner.


The Copenhagen Wheel will encourage more people to get on their bike. We want you to share our vision to improve urban mobility and design, and become an extension of the Superpedestrian brand through your customer service.


We sell directly to our customers through our website. The Copenhagen Wheel is custom built to fit their bicycle and shipped to them or directly to your shop. We can train you to assess which Copenhagen Wheel options they will need for their bicycle.


We connect customers in your area with your shop. Being listed on our service partner site lets customers know where to go for routine service and maintenance. Customers also have the option of having their wheel shipped directly to your shop.


We will provide you with training on how to install the Copenhagen Wheel. When you are doing the installation, it’s a great opportunity to offer additional service and parts to optimize their riding experience.


The Wheel is only as good as the bicycle it’s on. By logging the installation and bicycle service records, we have the opportunity to remind those customers who have used your shop in the past when it is time to come back for maintenance.


As a Preferred Service Partner, you’ll have access to our promotional branding/POP material for marketing your shop. We’ll also organise exclusive offers, features and events through our dedicated portal.

We’re growing, and want you to grow with us

We’re a fast growing company with big intentions and the number of Preferred Service Partners, and the services they offer, will grow as we grow. We want to share this excitement with our growing community and you’ll have the chance to get in on the ground floor.

If you want to help us with our mission to help people move through the city more seamlessly, tell us some more about your company on the following pages. Based on the information we receive we can start selecting our Preferred Service Partners and getting you trained up on the Copenhagen Wheel.