Superpedestrian Inc

Superpedestrian brings together a team of designers and robotics engineers with one vision: transforming urban mobility. Our first idea? Pedal power. With an exclusive license to MIT’s Copenhagen Wheel, we are bringing the bike revolution to your streets. The Copenhagen Wheel is now in mass production and we are delivering thousands of units already sold on pre-order. Superpedestrian operates out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was founded in late 2012 by a co-inventor of the Copenhagen Wheel, and is backed by tier-one venture capital investors.

The Team

Assaf Biderman

Assaf has a background in physics as well as in design. He is a co-inventor of the Copenhagen Wheel and Associate Director of the SENSEable City Laboratory at MIT.

Gil Arbel

A 25 year industry expert, he brings experience in product management, channel and business development, marketing and global operations. Led small and large businesses such as: CA Technologies (Computer Associates), Cheyenne, Sapiens and FalconStor. Results driven, he helps the team successfully strategize and execute.

Eric Barber

Previously led the engineering group for a high-end engineering services company that specialized in development of advanced technology mobility solutions.

James Simard

James, previously was part of the Titanoboa team, a 50ft wirelessly controlled robotic snake weighing 1 ton, and worked as an electrical technician for UBCs acoustics labs.

Julian Fong

Previously, Julian was at the BC Cancer Agency, developing an automated system to transfer radioactive liquids and microchips that sorted human cells.

JD Heinzmann

JD is trained as a mechanical engineer with emphasis on automatic control systems. Over the last 18 years he has been focused on the development of the electric propulsion systems for the iBot stair-climbing wheelchair, the Segway Personal Transporter, and the Harvest Automation decorative plant- moving robot.

Nili [onili] Ohayon

Nili, onili, is a singer, producer and videographer. She performs worldwide, and releases music & videos continuously. She is Superpedestrian’s artistic director, managing product image, and public outreach.

Ryan Schneider

With prior expertise in product management and materials engineering at 3D Systems, he has a breadth of knowledge allowing him to understand the entire product, its features and how it will benefit the customer. Currently, developing replicable processes to solve and avoid product centric issues.

Ed Thomas

Prior to joining Superpedestrian he worked as a bicycle mechanic at Harris Cyclery. He's an expert mechanic, but his skills extend far beyond the workstand. His interests and skills are wide ranging as showcased by his enthusiasm tackling challenging and fulfilling projects.

Marybeth Whitney

With a background in administrative services, she continues to leap into new technologies feeding off the energy and excitement of getting the first version out the door. Believing that there are no problems, only situations that need to be resolved keeps Superpedestrian moving forward.

Rob White

Joining Superpedestrian from Rethink Robotics where he was director of mechanical engineering, Rob takes a system-level-oriented design approach for the successful development of hardware and software.

Mike Ziolek

Most recently at Kiva Systems designing plastics and other parts for Amazon fulfillment robots. Ranging in experience from hand-made prototypes to full scale production, he is focused on making a difference in people's everyday lives by improving user experience and simplicity in his designs.

Walter Xu

Walter comes to Superpedestrian after internships in a variety of fields: MEMS accelerometers, medical device product development, and drone aircraft. Brings a sharp eye and creative insight to his work, solving complex problems by breaking them down before building them back up.

Nate Typrowicz-Cohen

A veteran bicycle mechanic that maintains our fleet of Wheels and helps the engineering team build and fix various test fixtures around the lab.

Patrick Hoffman

Arriving at Superpedestrian after two and a half years tackling business development and product management with North America's fastest growing bike share technology company. He dives deep into the details to "get it right,” without losing sight of the big picture.

Dustin Duane

Dustin came from Giant Bicycle. He leads the Customer Support team and runs our HUB service partner program. Dustin is a logistical machine, and has serious opinions on everything.

Goss Nuzzo-Jones

Prior to joining Superpedestrian, Goss was a principal software engineer for Runkeeper. He now brings his dry wit and experience in mobile app and backend development to his work with the Copenhagen Wheel. He is also known as the Lord of Lunch.

John Allwein

Experience managing finances at a number of venture backed tech companies. With a diverse skill set he engages with engineering and marketing teams to develop financial plans.

Maggy Hillen

Maggy leads development of the iOS app at Superpedestrian. In her spare time she fights against the injustice of rigorous Python linting and the macabre intrusion of melted cheeses onto lunch menus. On weekends she leads a quiet pastoral life, herding sheep and feeding chickens on her farm in Lowell.

Jon Leehey

A systems engineer focused on power; from power electronics to energy storage to alternative energy technologies all the while finding and solving issues due to hardware, firmware or user errors.

Austin Federa

Austin started out his career in journalism, working for KBIA, a very special public radio station in Columbia, Missouri. He later moved back east, working for The Boston Globe and Public Radio International before joining Superpedestrian. An avid photographer, he's 100% incapable of doing his own bike maintenance.

Andrew Mandelbaum

Before joining Superpedestrian, Andrew studied mechanical engineering and worked in patent law. Enjoys any problem that forces him to learn something new and is excited to get the chance to help change the way we move around cities.

Gene Ruiter

Gene is an experienced Wheelsmith with 20 years in the bicycle industry. He offers an array of technical skills and knowledge that supports customer service, engineering, and production efforts with a focus on continuous improvement and rider experience.

Cailin Doran

Cailin Doran finds great joy in getting bike guys to talk about musicals. She has a Masters Degree from the Boston Conservatory, and has spent years in high-end​ customer service. She will be the first person to notice your new haircut, and is unafraid to sit on the floor and talk about feelings.

Matt Fiorentino

Matt is a startup guy at heart. Before joining Superpedestrian, he ran product and marketing for a mobile app company focused on security and privacy and led marketing for a video analytics and advertising platform. He dives deep into the numbers to build scalable marketing machines.

Megan Morrow

Megan joined Superpedestrian after spending many hours in the saddle biking around Copenhagen and across the US. She supports our CEO while also lending a hand to the Service & Support and Events teams.

M. Debra Scheiman

Over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and new product implementation. Extensive experience in the design and implementation of lean prototype and pilot manufacturing lines.

Erin DiPersio

Erin arrived at Superpedestrian after completing her Undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Here, her customer service experiences are bring put to work as as she duels the Events and Customer Service teams.

Catherine Malloy

Embedded Software Test Engineer. Previously worked for a German pneumatic valve manufacturer, Norgren GmbH., developing the electronics for industrial automation applications.

Darth May

Statistician and quality guru. Strives to ensure we make each mistake only once.

Horatio Han

Horatio Yuxin Han is an award winning designer-tinkerer who adventures through the strange worlds of technology and design. Before he joined Superpedestrian, he taught machines to draw portraits, designed robots that interact with humans, and built lighting that appears to float in thin air.

Chris Amory

Broad background with extensive experience in manufacturing, engineering, operations and supply chain management and have successfully managed many projects from sourcing wind turbine components to setting up production facilities in China and Turkey.

Matt Cole

After helping to build the embedded software team at ClearMotion (nee Levant Power) Matt joined the team to help write Superpedestrian's on-board wheel code. He is an experienced embedded software engineer who has worked in automotive, consumer electronics and telecommunications. After graduating from WPI he has worked for a number of startups in his career.

Jessica Berger

Jessica joins us after graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a bachelor's degree in Microbiology. Jessica is passionate about sustainability, science, and social justice. She has volunteered with many non-profits, and brings her skills to the Customer Service and Support Team and the Events Team.

Joe Hermann

As a software engineer with experience in full-stack web development, Joe brings his passion for problem-solving and a discerning ear for hip hop to the team at Superpedestrian.

David Michael

David began his love of mechanical engineering when at the age of 12 he rebuilt the carburetor on his mom's car. Since then, he's designed everything from hard drives for computers to fuel cell systems. He leads the mechanical engineering team at Superpedestrian, and is delighted to work with so many creative, smart and dedicated people.

Vishal Rao

Vishal is a recent graduate of Northeastern University. Since joining the team as a web developer, he has spent an inordinate amount of time (unwillingly) building Drupal widgets and stubbornly rebasing rather than merging. He enjoys board games, ramen and hard cider.

Strategic Advisors

Antonio Bertone

Previously Chief Marketing Officer and board member at PUMA, he brings over 20 years of passion and experience in brand management and marketing expertise to everything he does.

Carlo Ratti

An architect and engineer by training he practices in Italy and teaches as Director of the MIT SENSEable City Lab, he is a co-inventor of the Copenhagen Wheel.