The bicycle revolution is coming to your streets


The Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid, quickly and easily. The Wheel contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity, and an embedded control system. The Wheel learns how you pedal and integrates seamlessly with your motion, multiplying your pedal power 3x—10x. It makes hills feel flat and distances shrink, so you can cycle just about anywhere.


Copenhagen Wheel actively measures how you ride, augmenting your pedal power. We haven’t designed a throttle for your bicycle, but something that organically integrates with how you ride.


As you bike, Copenhagen Wheels captures energy from braking or going downhill. The energy recharges the battery, extending your range.


An array of sensors constantly measure riding conditions, adjusting automatically. Copenhagen Wheel knows when you’re biking up hill, and steps in to give an extra push.


Wireless, compact and simple - all self-contained in the IPX4 weather resistant red Wheel. No running wires, just install and go.


Copenhagen Wheel connects through your smartphone, allowing you to select performance modes, gain insights into your riding, and provide your city with valuable anonymized data, if you choose.

Welcome to TIME’s annual round-up of the best inventions making the world better, smarter and—in some cases—a little more fun.

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Aimed at encouraging alternative methods of transportation.


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the Copenhagen Wheel does for electric bicycles what Apple did for mobile computing with the smartphone and tablets


Helping people move through cities in a seamless way


instead of adjusting your speed using a throttle or button, you'll simply pedal faster


Cycling is limited to the scale of the city, but we want to help people overcome the city.


It’s rare that a company comes along and reinvents the wheel, but it looks like that is about to happen.

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M.I.T. Ushers in Biking 2.0 With Copenhagen Wheel


Technical Specifications

MotorUS: 350 W; EU: 250 W
Top Assisted SpeedUS: 20 mph; EU: 25 km/h
Battery48 V - 279 Wh Li-ion
RangeUp to 50 km / 31 mi
Battery Life1000 charge cycles
Charge Time2 hours (80%); 4 hours (100%)
Hub Weight7.9 kg / 17.4 lbs
Wheel Size Options26 inch (559 mm) or 700c (622mm)
Bicycle DrivetrainSingle-speed or 7/8/9/10-gear Shimano/SRAM-compatible
Bicycle Brake TypeRim brakes (V-brakes)
Bicycle Dropout Spacing120 mm (single speed); 135 mm (single speed and multi-speed)
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth Low Energy (4.0)
Smartphone OSiOS, Android